Sunday, November 30, 2014

Beginning is not the end!

What can be speared from the shot is the thing that wasn’t desired! The launch of Rosetta a decade before was a desire, the heart trenching flame of reaching the place it was destined for.
One fine day when sun rays were seen as though filtered by the clouds in European sky, Rosetta was getting ready for the journey of her dreams. This trip was going to be memorable as no one from her place had ever reached there which Rosetta had desired for. She wanted to take other things with her but all she possess was the cycle and a basket in it. The basket was empty and though even the space wasn’t the limit for her, she carried crayons along with sheets of white paper to paint the journey as she treads it. Rosetta took sugar candies and squealed on her path, which she knew, was well afar.
On her journey, she could trace all the wonders that she habitably peeked and slept with on most of the nights from her garden. The exquisite trail of stars, the constellations on her path made her journey deeply exciting. Whenever she tried to figure out a constellation, the other confronts her. Such was the pace of her cycle, which seemingly was afloat in the sky. The clouds that were the source of joy in her belly, she could then touch them. Race with them. And finally could overtake them, seeking their good bye for her onward journey of her dreams.
All could be much easier if Rosetta had the idea of the place she was heading for. But that was the special thing about this trip. It was only forward, with no going back.
Rosetta was not brought up to be emotional. She was focused for her destiny. In every way, overcoming all the hardships, she was ready to reach out to the place of her imagination. She wanted to be family with that place.
The journey went on for more than a decade. Passing through different peaks, lows, lights, darks showers and suddenly, Rosetta saw a huge stone type structure! The same as she had painted while travelling.
She stopped her cycle but only to find problem with anchoring the cycle stand and attaching with the hotel. The cycle was on the verge of falling. Rosetta couldn’t let this journey go to vain. She tied her knot to the stone and rented an open space, named “Hotel Comet”, which has always been available but only for the seekers.
Rosetta took out her paintings of journey and sent them back to her place through satellite. The place was so natural that the only source of light was the sun. Rosetta drew a few more paintings of her new “family” and posted them back.
One fine day when the sun was set, she was sitting idly in Hotel Comet to witness her life story. She could not imagine how far had she flung. She could not see how life used to be. She feels more fulfilled now. She had fulfilled her dreams. What she could only see is an amphitheatre of life where she is a minute object that has huge importance for it has reached out to her dreams. For such a realisation, no other place could have her made feel like this as this Hotel Comet. That may be just a hotel for others but for her, it’s her new home. The cosiness of the place makes her feel like a family that had been waiting for only Rosetta since the beginning of life on earth.


  1. really mesmerizing... so simple n yet beautiful... d way u hv carved dis story out of simplicity captured my heart....! it invokes d REAL WOW FEELING in d reader ...well done..!! keep writing u r an awsm writer...!!

  2. Thanx.. Hope to charn out more stuff that can please you to read. Keep readin.