Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Lake Magical

"I always wanted to...."
"Oh , my God !! Its so amazing !"
"Let's go and catch it."- Naina ,shouted with all her excitement and ran behind the firefly to grab it.
Naina, is a little princess of abhuday,king of Magical lake.She is a chubby girl,with cute eyes ,long black hairs who caries the grace of princess in her smile.Dressed in white frock, with pearl crown and jewellery,she appears like a sweet little angel.
It was a full moon day and Naina was waiting at the lake Magical for her father.Nearby ,was a huge waterfall splashing water on the pebbles so loudly that its sound could be heard from miles.
Both the lake Magical and Pearly waterfall were believed to be sacred,hiding lots of magic and blessings in them.It was believed that the music of waterfall could transform  hopelesness into hope ,no matter what the reason is.It was such a soothing music full of positive energy.And lake Magical had extraordinary powers to protect the poor and needy.
King came there with a beautiful boat.Little angel Naina , joines him with sparkling eyes. She waa fond of boating on a full moon night with her father.
That day an unusual but a much awaited incident happenned.Queen of waterfalls ,Miami fell down from the high hill.King Abhuday, rescued her to their boat.She was thankful and delighted to find the little princess in the boat.
She cited some mantras to produce a bucket full of magical flowers which never dries up.They had mesmerizing fragrance.Naina , was very happy when she gifted them to her.Naina,gave her a pearl studded mirror in return.
The mirror was obtained from the magical lake.It had extraordinary powers to grant the wishes made innocently or for noble cause.
Miami,delightedly  looked into the mirror and said "Naina,u are a cute little angel!!"
And to the utter surprise of everyone Naina ,got transformed into a real angel.
With cute little wings and a magic wand .
She thanked Miami,and said - "I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE ..a real angel.,thank you Queen!"
"Only you could have done it.As, the magical mirror caried a curse that only Queen of Waterfalls can wish for a real angel to it.That too when with a innocent heart without being told to do so .Today you have gifted me the dream of my life.I always wanted to be an angel , to help my poor countrymen and help the needy.I am so much thankful to you."
And since that day the Kingdom of magical lake prospered and became a palace similar to paradise.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ganjing!! Ganjing in the Ganj...

The Ganjing carnival on Sunday was more than just a carnival. It was a
fusion of the old with new. The general theme that runs throughout the
Hazratganj area stresses on the similarity of sign boards in black and
white colour. But the giant LED board mounted on the top of a
building, brought colours to the carnival and also offered distinct
things for people of all ages.

With the nip of old classics, the new became more vibrant and
attractive. The Victoria styled lamps were, on the one hand,
lightening the Ganj Street, while policemen riding the horses made the
memories of old Awadh era came alive. On the other hand, the energy of
youth, matching with the laser sharp coloured lights delighted the
road and the carnival.

The evening began with the performance of Charkula dance. The
festivity of Holi played with flowers added the liveliness to the
already charged atmosphere, with audience getting mesmerised by the
‘never seen before’ like performance. “This is a dry season with no
festivals. We got to see and celebrate the festival with friends,”
said Ayush, a school going boy.

The performance of Peacock dance had a heart throbbing effect on the
young love birds that were present in the large numbers. The
adventurous part of the youth got to be seen with the nail-biting
stunts of bicycles. “We are excited to see such stunts performed
live,” said a man from the audience. If anything more was expected, it
was supplemented by the band performance of a Lucknow based
Destination band. “The band performance had made me feel as if I am
still in college,” said Azeem, a fresh college pass out.

The atmosphere was heated but the administration had arranged
sprinklers and fans to refresh the visitors. Keeping in mind, the food
freak youth that makes the highest footfall in the carnival, the
administration had arranged for three food courts with stalls offering
from coffee to south-Indian food to ice-cream to Chinese food gave too
many finger licking options.

On being asked as how Ganjing was different from the experience in a
mall, a visitor said that this area has huge space with festive-feel,
where one can enjoy without walls that is symbolic and existing.
Distinct tradition of Lucknow could be sensed, different from the
identity which is lost in the similarities of the mall, he added.

Mira, a visitor from Chennai found the similarity of Ganjing with the
atmosphere at any beach in the evening. “It’s like a beach without the
sea,” she said.

A blood camp facilitated by the KGMU attracted good crowd that came
forward to donate or register for blood donation. DM Raj Shekhar also
donated blood at the camp.

The visitors appeared content and relieved with the adequate parking
arrangements. Shikha, a house-wife said that the carnival was a place
of enjoyment for children having summer vacations and no where to go
out in the heat wave. The excitement of Ganjing was infectious as this
time the carnival saw huge footfall than last Sunday.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Yes! I exist

The closet that she crossed by was the door that she couldn't have missed to step into the drastic new ways and trends of life. The ways are such that no one really is accustomed even in long run with that way of life. The life where existence ceases to drive any further its meaning. The way where life tinkles and devastate itself with demonising rhymes.
Such is the place where she went with five of her friends who took the adventure to seriously before getting on to the trail. The lushes full of identical ideas of hangover went straight to the demonising vigorous notes that couldn’t be turned up before the loss of senses they just had. Their car soon crossed the territory of no-entry for humans. But had the board been visible to them…had the fog light of their car worked...had they were not in the arms of alcohol, they would have realised they shouldn’t be here. As difficult was it to reach here, likewise was it to escape from here. Not because the life here was tough and alien to anyone from outside but this place was full of darkness that anyone couldn’t even recognise the face of fellow being.
Well now they were in the lap of this formerly non-existential and non-identical place called “horrendous home”. In this group no one was so aesthetic to believe in the non-existence of God. Soon they had to start on the voyage where the thirst would take them. The lonely place was so silent with gushing water could be heard with a bit of attention only.
Ayesha was to step down to fetch water to satisfy her thirst and as also to cool down the heated radiator of car. They forgot to devise a way to dilute the whisky and had to rely on the bottles reserved for radiator cooling in their car. The hurrying wind was only making the whole atmosphere bit more identical to the stories of her boyfriend telling her romantic stories as part of his fictions that he laid for her. But suddenly like the sudden stop of her boyfriend Rahul in the middle of the story, this existence cease to pave way for the tremors of earth. The story was not at all romantic by now. She was getting into the slippery pathway into a well. The well had to satisfy her thirst but while she was getting away on her path to reach the well as part of her placing the foot towards the wrong path, the deep well soon took her away. To her ease she was only looking for water but soon ample of water was available to her that she couldn’t sense how to gulp so much of liquid. She opened her mouth to call for rescue but to no avail.
What options did she have now? Whom could she call as tremors must have affected those staying back in the car? Who would listen to her screams? But before all these things struck her mind, she was followed into the arms of the fire of the well. It was the heat that had made moderate change in the water of the well. Moderate wasn’t moderate enough that her patience could surpass it. She was like as if drowning as well as burning in to the heat of well. All she could do was just fight for an elongated breath. Her hustle with galloping water was getting over-head her short height. She was losing her consciousness. But to her already fast eloping senses, she heard a voice. This voice was the last adventure she could look for in this night. The voice soon appeared to have joined the other voices. But how these voices were so lame? If the voices were to be from her friend’s, she must have identified them. But she could. She was helpless.
A helpless girl; soon the temperature was falling. She voiced from her coughed throat but the congestion could let her voice reach out to the mass outside this well, wondering if a girl’s voice had came from inside.
They looked in for an elongated place where the voice could do wonders by echoing. But the place wasn’t on the turf to be easily located. The people continued the search for the source of the voice. “It was me who heard her and looked out for the well as the sound was similar to that emanating from a well,” said Commander Avinash.
Yes it was he who had joined the rescue team to find a missing girl in the nearby forest area of Gopalpur. It was after the tremors of earthquake that a team of volunteers had joined the rescue team under Commander Avinash.
“I switched on the light in that well which was some 60 feet deep,” he said. After locating her presence in the well, the commander switched off his torch and arranged for suitable lighting to illuminate the well. He dropped a food packet and soon arranged means to pull her out of the well. It has been 12 hours when she slipped in to the well. She was among many who shared the tremors and had suffered with this motion of the earth.
She was pulled out and was received after 12 hours of darkness. She could believe her eyes when the first ray of it touched her eyes. Friends comforted her and the hangover was the thing long gone. They could the feel the first ever earthquake since their birth but the experience had touched them deep inside.
The water couldn’t get down her throat but her touching story touched a many. Yes I exist and surpassed this existence.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s continuance of the disinvestment policy appears like the tailing of UPA government’s policy. Previously, the last NDA government had a disinvestment portfolio under Arun Shourie and it went on to pull the disinvestment throttle in full swing. The government’s plan of decreasing its share in public sector banks (PSBs) to conform to Basel-III norms by 2018-19 is just another instance of showing eagerness to disinvest in even profit making enterprises.
As per the earlier Cabinet decision, the government is to dilute its stake in three of the major profit-making public sector enterprises (PSEs) - Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Coal India Limited (CIL) and National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) Limited- to garner an estimated total of around Rs. 45,000 crore based on the current market prices.
The government claims that from a budgetary point of view the sale of equity reduces the need for borrowing from big financial institutions, like World Bank and IMF, which increases the interest burden in future years. But this rationale for preferring disinvestment of stock in profit-making companies to borrowing to finance budgetary expenditures that are in excess of revenues is not clear from accounting point of view. Making provisions of little extra expenditure in budgetary support can save huge payment in dollars to overcome the debt.
The Union government’s reasoning that the profits of some PSEs have gone down over the past few years are true. But many in these companies and independent experts feel that the government itself is to blame for it. What happened during the 2010 Cairn India-Vedanta deal in Rajasthan smacks only of corruption. The Mangala oil rig was the largest onshore discovery of crude oil in India. But on the withdrawal of Cairn, the partner in business, ONGC, was to be the inheritor of the oil rig. However, the rig went to Vedanta under spurious arrangements.
Instead of putting more in infrastructural assistance, the government has always taken a back seat. Even after all this, the PSEs have shown a positive growth, slightly slow may be. PSEs have played a major role in devising strategies to absorb tough economic times like recession, inflation. It seems privatisation has become an easier way for private industries to work in fields developed by the PSEs.

Perhaps, the PSEs are first victims of the economic climate fostered by neo-liberalism. Huge creation of crony capitalistic market is only a tragic aftermath along with the drawing of lines among those who can spend and those who can’t. Banks and other PSEs are just the cases in point.

When Mohit turns to Javed

It was raining that day in 2012. He got off the train, closer to his family than he had been in three years. But nobody would take him those final miles. For one entire day, the 12 years-old sat, cold, forlorn, wet and crying at the Bareilly railway station. He knew his family lived in the city, but he knew not where. He tugged at shirt sleeves, but they brushed him off. “Mujhe bypass le jaao, mera ghar vahan hai.” They dismissed him and thought he was a beggar, a rag picker. He tried to tell them that he had not always been one. But no body seemed to listen. Two days later, Mohit Kumar was back at Kanpur railway station, collecting plastic bottles from the tracks for the woman who was his captor. Hunger had bested him. At least she gave him food.
In September 2009, Mohit and Javed, another boy from their locality, boarded a train to run away from their fathers. Javed was older, the mentor in this escapade. Nine years-old, Mohit thought it would be a great adventure. “Our fathers had scolded us for watching a movie at the kirana store, and he said we would go to Mumbai to be film stars. We sat on the first train we saw, and it started moving. Three stations later, Javed said he was going to toilet. I waited for him to return. He never came back,” says Mohit.
The last station was Kanpur, and Mohit was forced to get off by the railway staff. Then, she met Salma. She was older to him with some white hair. She brought him food. One roti and a leftover sabzi. The next day he became Javed Khan, younger brother to Salma. A beggar and a rag picker. He began with collecting bottles and had to collect Rs 400 a day. Slowly, Mohit was becoming Javed when he heard a man in khaki mention Bareilly. They had come looking for another child; Mohit tried to go to them but Salma became frantic and hit him.
It was sub-inspector Santosh Yadav, looking for missing children under a police operation. He found something amiss. Next day he went back to the boy and sent him back to Bareilly in white clothes with three policemen.  This time the search for home was not futile. “Mohit wapis aa gaya,” they call out worried. He smiles at his name. Javed is already fading away.

The story of a migratory home

Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon, Odisha’s Chilika Lake witnessed a huge increase in the number of feathered guests during this winter. According to the annual bird census, over 7.62 lakh migratory birds have thronged Chilika Lake this year.
“Around 7.62 lakh birds of 172 species visited the blue lagoon this year. It was found during the annual bird count, conducted at 1,100 sq km vast lake,” Divisional Forest Officer (DFO), Chilika Wildlife Division Bikash Ranjan Dash, said.
The number had decreased in 2013 due to cyclone Phailin, which hit the coastal Odisha, devastating many areas of the state. “Last winter around 7.19 lakh birds of 158 species had visited the lake,” he added.
“Similarly, in 2013 and 2012, around 8.77 lakh of 180 species and 8.83 lakh birds of 167 species respectively had visited the lake. There is no new species of bird sighted in the vast lake during the census,” he said.
There are about four mouths in Chilika including the old Palur mouth. The other three are Gabakunda inlet, Dhalabali inlet and new Phailin inlet (opened after the cyclone Phailin).
The Chilika Lake in Odisha was declared as ‘Destination Flyway’ by the United Nation’s World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) because of its natural treasure and bio-diversity.
“Increase in number of migratory birds in the lake is attributed to the safety measures taken by wildlife authorities and improvement of the habitat in the lake,” said an ornithologist from BNHS, Mumbai. In 2006, contamination of a portion of Chilika Lake around Nalabana Birds Sanctuary has resulted in the deaths of over 1,700 migratory birds within a span of 45 days.
“Chilika is a beautiful place to visit. It has various awe-inspiring destinations like Nalabana, a must place for bird watchers with hundreds of varieties of migratory birds thronging the place every year. There are islands with pristine beaches to recapitulate. On a boat with endless water around you, a dolphin to spot now and then, it is filled with numerous spectacular experiences to have,” said a tourist.
Birds migrate from as far as the Caspian Sea, Baikal Lake and remote regions of Russia, Mongolia and Siberia. The vast mudflat in Nalabana Bird Sanctuary in Chilika Lake provides them adequate feed.
The water body also boasts off about 211 bird species, largest Irrawaddy dolphin population, 217 fish species and more than 30 migratory species, according to an estimate.  At present, about Rs 40 crore per annum is being earned from community-based eco-tourism activities.
जिस तरह से जिंदगी आज सबकी बातों का मुकाम बन गयी है, हर पल एहसास होता है की मैं अब बड़ा हो चला हूँ . जीवन की दीवारें न जाने क्यों इस मौसम में फीकी सी पड़ रही हैं. नहीं-नहीं कृप्या मेरे पेंट मैं खामी न निकालें और न ही मौसम की रुसवाई का बहाना दें. दोस्तों को बातें करता देख और सुन मैं भी कहने को ही सही पर बड़ा हो चला हूँ.
इस गर्मी में छुट्टियां तो भूल ही जायो, बस कहीं सोने का ठिकाना मिल जाये तो यह ही अच्चम्भित करने योग्य होगा. क्या करे साहिब इंजीनियरिंग में आई.आई.टी के बाहर भी तो बहुत बड़ी दुनिया होती हैं..बस हम उसी के बाशिंदे हैं. अब कीजियेगा भी तो क्या? जो कर सकते थे उसे करने की तसल्ली दिल ने लेने न दी. और जो अब कर सकते हैं उसे करने की शिद्दत तो दिल में हैं परन्तु साथ में "परन्तु" भी है!
चलिए फ़र्ज़ कीजिये हम अपना मुकाम ढूँढने निकल गए अपनी बस्ती से बिना लॉव-लश्कर के. जानते हैं जहां भर की बाते सुन्नी पड़ेंगी लेकिन दिल ने तो अब इनसे घबराना ही छोड़ दिया है. डर फिर भी है मुझे..जानता हूँ, करने का माद्दा भी रखता हूँ. बस जब माँ-पापा का ख्याल आता है तो कदम पीछे खींचने की हिम्मत आ जाती है. समझ नही आता की किस प्रकार निरंतरता का साथ दे पाउँगा?