Sunday, October 26, 2014


Diwali - a festival that reminds of home, the cricket-friendly friends and the over-sweetened sweets. Being at home is not a thing to be missed this diwali as over 24 diwalis have been celebrated at home only and that too with relatives, friends etc. seeing all the fun of diwali did remind of the fun I used to have. Watching diwali this time made me miss a new thing rather feeling that never happened before. I felt distant from “being homely” with my childhood. This letter goes to...
Dear Childhood,
Though I know you are not in good stead when you get this letter, this is to let you know without you even am on the bumpy ride of life. Suddenly I had a pause of festivity with diwali and that insist me on writing to my dear old friend.
This diwali I had a great time missing you and home. It has been long time since we last met but still brief meetings happen with you with our favorite chuski-gola. The time when we celebrate diwali, you were heck in the nose. The sweets were so dear to you that we had 3-4 pieces in a go but now I do worry about cavities. Having Google at dispense, I have become smarter than you. Now I don’t buy chocolates. I even don’t offer this luxury to younger generation as am more concerned about their teeth.
Watching the sky with wonderful cracker showers making their mark there has become a good eco-friendly habit that is equally economical. But again with you I had to share the bundles of cracker with my cousins. You always took advantage of being youngest at home in the cracker distribution ceremony. Let me remind you it was your sweetness, not your smartness that had with you more crackers always. I never liked that part as I wanted more share but I wonder how I miss that with my paying capacity. You cannot enjoy with your money. Yes, we used to celebrate in the diwali mela with 10 rupees from grandma. I discontinued going to mela for the sake of spending. Don’t assume that am all boring now. I go there to watch girls and only girls.
After returning home, Lord Rama created Padwa for fools like us. The day on which we were asked by parents to neither read nor write anything. That day was a great treat. But now, I am glad to tell you that I have a 2-day off in a week with enough work to have any exemption from it.
The game of “teen patti” was a regular on every diwali. I couldn’t learn it because of your ignorance. As for now, I have learnt it and have become a big gambler on FB. Well, any time if you are on FB, Twitter, G+, Instagram then do send me invitation. If not then I would suggest don’t grow up. It’s all mess-food here not mother cooked dishes! The world is like that only. The diwali wasn’t like that anymore.
Hope to see you often.
Yours truly,


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